Secret Salento, our desire for you to discover enchanted places, their very unique distinctiveness, at the heart of an ancient heritage, still untouched despite all the centuries past, even time seems to have a different pace here… you hurry… gently… they call it “harmless urge”…..

We offer you Charming Residences;  enjoy a relaxing vacation surrounded with all the comforts, and the typical Salento mood …its dry-stone walls… the dim lights of its secluded niches...

The Villas are located in the Salve municipality, which has been granted the important Blue Flag in2014 in recognition for its eco-friendly approach to its beaches and for its unpolluted seawaters.

The Mediterranean scrub, with its scented plants, lavender, myrtle, rosemary and thyme brush, the secular olive trees or the opulent prickly pear cacti with their sweet swollen fruits, on this rusty red land… the magical gift of an ancestral garden for our guests.